Pench Kanha Wildlife Break with Jabalpur is a short break for Wildlifers and Bird watchers that combines two most popular parks renowned for their Tiger population and park experience. Guests departing from Jabalpur stay in transit for a night and Visit Marble Rocks.


Pench(2) - Kanha(3)

Start Point


End Point


Activity Information / Inclusion

  • Day-1 Arrival at Nagpur. Travel to Pench. Evening Safari.
  • Day-2 Morning and Evening Safari.
  • Day-3 Proceed to Kanha. Evening Safari.
  • Day-4 Morning and Evening Safari.
  • Day-5 Morning Safari Kanha. Proceed to Jabalpur via Marble Rocks
  • Day-6 Departure

Sight Seeing

  • Jabalpur - Marble Rocks (21.00 kms), Dhuandhar Waterfalls (21.00 kms)
  • Kanha - Bird Watching and Wildlife in Kanha (0.50 kms)
  • Pench - Bird Watching and Wildlife in Pench (0.50 kms)


  • Nagpur to Pench -90 kms (1.5 hrs)
  • Pench to Kanha -175 kms (4.5 hrs)
  • Kanha to Jabalpur -168 kms (4 hrs)


Tiger N Woods Resort,  Chitvan Jungle LodgePench, Kanha
Pench Jungle Camp,  Royal Tiger ResortPench, Kanha
Village Machaan,  Banjaar TolaPench, Kanha


  • Bhutte Ka Kees: Corn cooked with spices and simmered in milk makes for an unusual vegetarian dish
  • Papad Ki Sabzi: The crisp snack is crumbled and tossed with a handful of spices and curd to make this lip-smacking treat
  • Sabudana Khichdi: The sabudana or tapioca pearls are tossed with spices and nuts
  • Dal Bafla:These are ghee laden dough balls are first boiled and then baked before being crumbled and topped with dal.
  • Poha: It is made with flattened rice, onions, potatoes and seasonings like chillies, lemon and curry leaves.
  • Palak Puri:It is deep-fried bread made up of Spinach
  • Bhopali Gosht Korma: Mutton chunks are doused in a rich and spicy gravy seasoned with whole spices.
  • Khusli: It is a stuffed deep fried mawa sweet filled with mawa, raisins and coconut.
  • Jalebi: It is a deep fried sweet dipped in sugar syrup.


Travel Tips

  • Drive slowly in the Park so that you can see observes and enjoy without disturbing the wildlife.
  • Keep in the specified roads and trails driving off trails you may trample growing trees and cause disturbance to resting animals and their young.
  • Respect the wild animals and maintain a safe distance from them remember you are in their home and they get the first priority.
  • Keep seated in your vehicle at any points in the park it is dangerous to get down. This for your own safety and the safety of wildlife.
  • Do not disappoint if you don't see a tiger. There are many other interesting creatures that are to be seen and cherished.
  • The Park is not zoo: so don't expect to see wildlife everywhere. Kanha National Park is breathtaking even in its scenery.
  • Keep the park pollution free. While inside the park please put your non-biodegradable litter (thin cans, plastic, glass bottle, metal foils etc.) into the bag provided and dispose of it on your way out.
  • Please obtain services of Nature Guides that the park has trained for your benefit. They are great help to you in sporting wildlife and ensuring that you not to lose your way in forest.
  • Do not smoke or light campfires in the forest. Accidental fires can destroy this wonderful jungle in no time.

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